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Start Your New Year Right

Friday, January 03 2014

BEAUTY KIT: Take advantage of our New Year of Beauty 6-Piece Collection. At 29.99 with each $10 purchase from the C-2 Brochure.

OPEN EYES: A favorite eye liner is now in a limited-edition collection. Glimmersticks Diamonds Onyx combines a versatile black base with colored shimmer in a choice of shades for only $2.99.

GENICS: Anew Genics Night Treatment Cream is only $24.99.

STOCK FOR SALE-Contact me if you need anything special. If I have it in stock it's yours at a discounted price.

RUN FOR THE MONEY: Anyone who made a fitness resolution will find the Curves for Women Pink Get Groovin Sneaker irresistible. If you buy now, you get a Free 2-Week Curves Guest Pass with any Curves purchase from the C-2 Brochure. What better way to get in a fitness groove?

Any questions, feel free to contact me.